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Validated Physician Mailing Lists

  • Vetted for active practice and credentialed physicians
  • Validated against the USPS NCOA
  • Verified CASS, and phone and delivery information

A direct mail or hybrid campaign carries a forceful impact. Hard-copy contact suggests well-established and professional, and in and of itself can stimulate a meaningful response to your message.

iMD’s physician mailing list is the place where your direct mail or hybrid health-care industry campaign begins and ends. We update and revise our physician mailing list constantly, to keep the incidence of costly delivery misfire to an absolute minimum. And the industry relationships we’ve cultivated in our decade of business ensure continual relevance.

Each contact is validated at both the state and federal level to ensure that every physician in the database is actively practicing and credentialed. Each contact is CASS-verified, and all phone and delivery information is checked and re-checked for consistency and reliability.

Giving you a turnkey solution tailored to your marketing, sales, recruitment, and research needs.

Delivery Relevance in This Campaign, and Every Campaign

  • Filtered criteria for focused campaign relevance
  • Profiled for acute campaign/audience alignment
  • Customized for any context, from sales to recruitment

For your present campaign, you may be targeting an audience for sales or research. You might be developing a specific criteria or performance matrix. Or you could be looking to unveil a new product geared to specialists, or recruiting for specialized staff.

iMD’s list includes multiple contact points for each name, allowing flexibility in outreach for the most appropriate approach. It is used by healthcare industry leaders as an effective resource for practice management, medical device, electronic medical records, biotech, diagnostics, continuing medical education, pharmaceutical, medical publishing, and directory services.

Using over 200 fields to clarify, we help you connect your message and its most receptive readership, distilling the potential in tens of thousands of professional contacts into a highly focused target group. Aligning your message and its best conversion potential.

For your present campaign, and the one down the road.

Physician Mailing Lists 
1,000,000+ Physician Mailing Addresses 700,000+ Physician Emails
Updated Monthly Permission Passed Regularly
Phone Verified 120+ Specialties Available
120+ Fields to Select From CASS Certified and NCOA’d Regularly

Some of the Available Fields within this Physician Mailing List Include:

  • DEA#/NPI#/State License#/Tax ID#/UPIN#
  • Number of physicians on site
  • Practices using EMR/EHR
  • Medicare/Medicaid ID#‘s
  • Full provider name & License Type
  • Primary and secondary specialties
  • Group practice and hospital affiliations
  • Physician Email Address, Postal, Phone and Fax
  • Corresponding medical office manager

iMD Lists are Designed for Meaningful Data and Long-Term Collaborations

  • Over a decade in the industry
  • Established and proven contacts
  • Designed to evolve with your business

iMD was founded as a specialist resource for long-term relationships. We work hard to sustain the bedrock for your effective sales, marketing, or research campaign today, because we want you as a customer tomorrow.

Because it requires industry knowledge to be successfully negotiated, the healthcare market is more complex and difficult to assess than any other. That’s why nearly every healthcare market vertical relies on iMD for meaningful metrics selection, and the useful data derived from it.

We’ve designed our lists to be airtight. Every time. And with over a decade in the business, we’ve nurtured the industry contacts needed to back up our confidence in our service.

Converting your message into the data you need.

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