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Physician Email Lists 
1,000,000+ Physician Mailing Addresses 700,000+ Physician Emails
Phone Verified, Updated Monthly Permission Passed Regularly
CAN-SPAM Compliant 120+ Specialties Available
120+ Fields to Select From CASS Certified and NCOA’d Regularly

iMD’s verified list of physician emails is the most comprehensive, specialized health-sector email list available with an average 99% delivery rate.

Our list contains over 1 million doctor emails, and accounts for more than 120 areas of specialization, ensuring that your communications only reach people who will be receptive to your message. Using it makes zeroing in on your target demographic a snap, allowing you to focus on customizing your message. We call this effect potency of meaning. Your message hits harder. It is remembered.

Trusted by industry leaders, and depended upon for its conversion rate, iMD’s list is currently in use in the following health-sector contexts: market research, recruitment, electronic medical records, practice management, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, continuing medical education, medical publishing, diagnostics, and directory services. Like all our lists, it is relied upon as an industry benchmark — one we’ve spent the last decade perfecting.

Define Your Audience, and Your Usage

  • Single Use,
  • Annual Use,
  • Perpetual Use;
  • Accuracy in Delivery,
  • Autonomy in Management,
  • Amazing Engagement Metrics

An email list is most effective when used for an ongoing or progressive email campaign, but iMD’s list may be licensed for single-use, annual use, and perpetual usage contexts.

Our different usage profiles give marketing strategists more control over the physician emails, and autonomy in management of the campaign. Leverage doctor emails for multiple broadcasts, drip campaigns and multi-channel efforts. Target specific subsets for impact. Layer your campaign according to a pre-established progression, and alter it during the campaign according to response.

The economy of scale achieved with a physician email license can significantly reduce customer acquisition cost. The engagement metrics of our targeted delivery convert consistently and efficiently, pushing up your profit margin. You’ll never use a scattershot ‘batch and blast’ strategy again.

  • DEA#/NPI#/State License#/Tax ID#/UPIN#
  • Number of physicians on site
  • Practices using EMR/EHR
  • Medicare/Medicaid ID#‘s
  • Full provider name & License Type
  • Primary and secondary specialties
  • Group practice and hospital affiliations
  • Physician Emails, Postal, Phone and Fax
  • Corresponding medical office manager

Single Use and Periodic Broadcasting

  • iMD Managed Development, Testing, Transmission, and Tracking
  • Potency of Impact for Occasional Delivery
  • Creative, Liberated Solutions for Increased Exposure         

If you email less frequently or on an irregular schedule, or you are involved in market research or recruitment, you’re looking for a broadcasting strategy. A broadcasting strategy is both economical and effective. If you’re using this method for service or product news and sales, you are deploying with impact.

iMD will handle the strategy and deployment of your broadcast campaign, if desired. Simply provide us with your creative and selection criteria; we’ll take care of the rest, from set up and testing, to transmission and campaign tracking. Or license our carefully compiled and vetted list, and develop your own effective campaign solution.

And get your message to its most receptive audience.

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