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Dentist Mailing Lists
220,000+ Dentist Mailing Addresses 70,000+ Dentist Emails
Updated Monthly Permission Passed Regularly
Phone Verified Segment by Specialty
80+ Fields to Select From CASS Certified and NCOA’d Regularly

Hard-copy campaigns and hybrid campaigns can be extremely effective. They can also be very expensive. iMD’s lists are designed to be specialty turnkey solutions for maximum target delivery rate. They’ll get your direct mail communications to their most receptive audience. Consistently and reliably.

iMD’s dentist mailing list is carefully compiled, virtually eliminating delivery misfires. Provider credentials are checked, demographics and professional affiliations are detailed and provided with each contact. Selection fields narrow down the possibilities, keeping your efforts and your best potentialities aligned.

Establishing and sustaining this high level of accuracy, reliability, and consistency isn’t easy.

It’s what we do.

Consistently Deliverable Mailing Lists for Long-Term Collaborations

  • Updated constantly
  • Checked against USPS NCOA information
  • Continuous phone contact verification

iMD was founded as a one-stop resource for health-care sector email and snail-mail address lists. We want your return business.

So we designed our lists to be airtight. Every time. And with over a decade in the business, we’ve nurtured the industry contacts needed to back up our confidence in our service.

Our dentist contact list—like our nurse and physician contact lists—are continuously re-checked for accuracy and delivery relevance. And we mean every single one of the more than 220,000 professionals on the list. Our service is trusted by top medical-field research, sales, and marketing companies as the single go-to source for absolute reliability. They come back to us again and again.

Specifics and Metrics: Zeroing In on Your Target Audience

  • Delivery point validated
  • CASS certified
  • Practice-profiled for campaign accuracy

The over 220,000 dental professionals on our list constitute a broad set. But iMD’s profiles of individual practices make filtering and customizing a simple matter. You have an ideal target audience in mind, one with a high degree of receptivity. We can help you zero in on that audience fast.

100% of our dentist mailing addresses are professional, so your communication will go directly where it will have the strongest impact. The addresses are CASS certified for optimal matching accuracy. And phone information is continuously verified.

Most importantly, each address is associated with a full profile that gives you the information you need to select the most attractive potentialities. Over 80 selection fields may be utilized to focus and direct your campaign, including area of professional specialty, DEA, NPI, Medicare and Medicaid incidence, and licensing.

For optimal campaign efficacy. For optimal conversion rate.

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