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Nurse Mailing Lists 
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Updated Monthly Permission Passed Regularly
CASS Certified and NCOA’d Regularly Select by License Type

Traditional mail campaigns continue to be a proven, reliable method of reaching your desired audience. A message delivered by direct mail means business by virtue of the effort and expense involved, and becomes the perfect supplement to any other campaigns.

A mail campaign directed at a carefully tailored list of nurses is a highly effective combination for health-care industry sales, marketing, and research metrics data. The modern nurse is, more than ever before, a front-line decision-maker in the healthcare industry. The modern nurse communicates with both the professional and consumer strata of a working hospital or clinic, and is uniquely positioned as a highly influential presence in this environment.

Our nurse mailing list is a turnkey solution. It is constructed through a careful process of validation, and it is continuously updated for reliably high delivery rates with each new campaign, a process which virtually eliminates costly delivery misfires.

And delivers your message to the people who can work with it.

iMD’s Nurse Mailing List is Designed for Long-Term Collaborations

  • Checked against USPS NCOA information
  • Continuous phone contact verification
  • Constructed for reliably high conversion rates

iMD was founded as a specialist resource for specialized campaigns. We work hard to sustain the bedrock for your effective sales, marketing, or research campaign today, because we want you as a customer tomorrow.

Provider credentials are validated, professional affiliations and patient demographics are illustrated and provided with each contact. iMD’s extensive series of selection fields align your efforts and a high rate of deliverability and conversion.

Our nurse mailing list provides contact information for more than 5 million nurses across 9 different license categories. Our entire contact database—which includes physicians and dentists, as well as nurses—is updated and processed against the USPS National Change of Address Database quarterly. It is delivery point validated and CASS certified.

Giving you the edge you need, with every new campaign.

Some of the Fields Available Within This Nurse Mailing List Include

  • Full Postal Address
  • Age & Income
  • Full Nurse Name
  • Area of Specialization
  • License Type
  • State License Number

Deliver Your Message Directly to the Right People…the First Time, and Every Time

  • Fully practice-profiled and delivery-point validated
  • Filtered and customized for consistent delivery relevance
  • Profiled for acute campaign/audience alignment

The ideal target audience is out there. You just need the details to help you reach it. iMD’s filtering options help you to directly connect your message with the right readership, distilling five million contacts into a highly focused target group.

Profiles of individual practices make customizing your campaign easy. A few of the filtering fields for our nurse list include age, income, specialization, license type, and state license number. Increasingly defined filters may be employed to further narrow your target field. Our nurse addresses are CASS certified for optimal matching accuracy, and phone information is regularly verified.

Most importantly, each address is associated with a full professional profile. An iMD profile gives you the information you need to select the most attractive potentialities among all your possible recipients.

Giving your message the strongest possible impact and conversion potential.


Choose a nursing specialist

The healthcare market is complex and often requires industry knowledge, which is why nearly every healthcare market vertical relies on iMD for nursing and facility data.

All nursing data goes through a rigorous data hygiene process to ensure only the most pristine records are delivered.

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