Data Cleanse & Enrichment


Healthcare Provider Database Cleansing & Enrichment

Data cleansing is the process of amending or removing incomplete, inaccurate or duplicate data from a database. Data cleansing helps organizations save time and minimize expenses spent on correcting data errors manually, and leads to more efficient customer relationship management.

The Impact of Bad Data

Historically, we see physician information change to the tune of approx. 15-20% per year. For this reason, its critical to have a data partner that can help you keep your provider database accurate & up-to-date. This can be a difficult task for an organization to manage and certainly one that is more cost effective to outsource. Physicians are constantly on the move, often practicing from multiple locations and moving among different group sites and hospitals. On average, the customer databases we process contain inaccuracies within about 40% of the records we analyze. The cost implications on both sales force and marketing budgets is often astounding with some studies suggesting that “bad data” can have up to a 30% impact on overall revenue.

With iMD Data Cleansing Services

  • Identify providers that have moved, are retired or deceased, or even sanctioned
  • Identify a provider’s primary location to streamline marketing and sales efforts
  • Standardize your provider records and create a single version of the truth
  • Consolidate records and remove duplicates
  • Append the correct information to inaccurate records

Append missing information with iMD’s data enrichment services:

  • DEA#/NPI#/State License#/UPIN#/TIN#
  • Primary and secondary specialties
  • Group practice and hospital affiliations
  • Email, Postal, Phone and Fax
  • Corresponding medical office manager
  • High prescribers
  • Number of physicians on site
  • Type of insurance accepted
  • Practices using EMR/EHR
  • Medicare/Medicaid ID#
  • Full provider name
  • License Type

iMD Data Collection & Validation Process

Because we understand that physician contact information is always changing, we implement a number of measures to ensure that the information we have on file is the most up-to-date in the market place. Our process involves drawing from state and federal licensing boards and agency sources, continuous phone verification, national business credit repositories, as well as, monthly postal validation checkpoints such as the Delivery Point Validation, the USPS National Change of Address Database and CASS Certification. Our provider database is updated daily.

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