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Append Accurate Direct-to-Provider Email Addresses to your Existing Customer Records

With the rising cost of print & postage, a direct mailing can cost you upwards of $2.00 per mail piece each time you mail. As a less expensive and more measurable alternative, many companies are supplementing or replacing their direct mail efforts with email marketing. With iMD’s email append service, you can now append accurate, direct-to-provider email addresses to your existing customer records where an email address is either not present or no longer valid.

Speed up the sales process, streamline customer relationship management strategies and gain actionable tracking metrics with an iMD email append

With email marketing, communications can be instantly tracked to monitor audience engagement and determine which segments respond well and which don’t. Appending emails to your existing customer list allows greater control over follow-up drip email campaigns, split testing of creative & subject lines, and follow-up sales calls.

Increasing pressure on healthcare organizations to improve their bottom line and streamline processes, makes appending email addresses to your healthcare provider database a great strategy for getting your message out and generating revenue quickly.

iMD data collection & validation protocols ensure that the information we append is the most current & accurate available

  • 400+ sources including state licensing bureaus, DEA, Center for Medicaid & Medicare, Transactional Claims Data, Professional Directories, Association Data, Business Credit Repositories, and many more
  • Updated daily with updates published monthly
  • Processed against USPS National Change of Address Database monthly
  • Processed against a retired, deceased and criminal sanctions database monthly to remove inactive physicians
  • Phone verified twice a year
  • Email addresses updated daily with unsubscribes being removed from the database daily
  • Emails permission passed in accordance with CAN-SPAM law and best practices for B2B data collection
  • Historical Delivery Rates: 99%+ with direct mail applications mailed first class within 30 days of file delivery; 90-95%+ With email applications deployed within 30 days of file delivery
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