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Nurse Mailing Lists 
5,000,000+ Nurse Addresses 2,000,000+ Nurse Emails
Updated Monthly Permission Passed Regularly
CASS Certified and NCOA’d Regularly Select by License Type

Target the 21st-century nurse with a CAN-SPAM compliant list that is updated monthly & permission-passed regularly

Modern nurses are a new breed. They are better educated and more deeply involved in coordinating patient care than ever before.

These front-line healthcare providers are the gatekeepers of hospitals and clinics. They draft policy, they are fluent in treatment trends and patterns, and they select new equipment, hardware and software. The effectiveness of your email campaign can begin and end with them.

iMD’s registered nurse email list contains virtual contact information for over 5 million practicing nurses, with all license types and areas of specialty represented, including home care. The contacts in the list are updated monthly, and permission-passed on a regular basis, keeping them absolutely relevant, enabling you to reach the people who matter.

Contact the Right Nurses for Each New Campaign

  • Geographic targeting
  • License-specific & area-of-specialty targeting
  • Multiple contact points for multi-channel marketing

Your campaign may employ a national- or zip code-based delivery spectrum criterion. It may be single-delivery or ongoing. You may wish to target specialists, or your approach may be license-specific. And more aggressive campaigns require more than one point of contact.

iMD’s lists are fully customizable and filtered by over 50 selection fields, distilling your target list to its most highly deliverable form, for its most receptive audience. They can be tailored for multiple contact points. We’ll help you to design the most effective course of action for your present campaign.

And we might get you thinking about ideas for future campaigns. Our lists are trusted by top research, sales, and marketing companies as essential go-to sources for reliable and consistent deliverability, for every new campaign.

Long-Term or Broadcasting: Develop Your Own Campaign, or Let Us Help You

  • Long-Term deployments for continual reinforcement
  • Managed broadcasts
  • In-house or iMD-designed approaches and deployments

Working effectively within the healthcare sector involves more industry-specific knowledge than any other. And nearly every healthcare market vertical relies on iMD for provider and facility data. Over ten years in the business has allowed us to nurture the industry contacts needed to create and sustain the most effective RN and LPN email contact list available, and help you work out the specifics of your approach.

Long-term campaigns are easily accommodated; iMD’s annual license gives experienced marketers control over the data for multiple broadcasts, drip campaigns and multi-channel efforts. All are ideal for larger operations interested in significantly reducing customer acquisition costs.

Managed broadcasts are a great solution for organizations that email on a less frequent basis, or have less experience in email campaign management; provide us with your creative and selection criteria, and let us put our experience in campaign development and deployment to work for you. We’ll handle set up, testing, deployment and campaign tracking, and provide support moving forward.Long-term, or broadcast, iMD works for you.

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