Email Marketing: The Power of Trust

Email Marketing: The Power of Trust

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While algorithmic and mobile advertising are becoming rapidly and increasingly important, email still remains a powerful tool in your marketing mix. A new study on email marketing conducted by Blue Hornet Networks, Inc. has found that of over 1,800 consumers polled, 78% make a purchase at least once a month based on an email campaign they received, according to Direct Marketing News.

Max Kazen highlights the vitality of good communication using email marketing. Is your data current and relevant? The art of email marketing lies in making your customers believe they are getting the “best product for the best price.”  The key to successful email marketing is bringing in the right data, segmenting your audience(s) and personalizing content to reflect interests and past purchases. That’s the real strength of email – a focused, personalized message. However, even the best content can be undermined by a bad subject line, emails that are poorly formatted, a weak call to action, excessive copy or are sent to frequently – one send per audience a week seems optimal.

Email-LWhen a consumer finds that your data is relevant to his or her life or needs, they feel a connection to your brand and company. By consistently, genuinely and ethically offering what is best for a customer, you reach the “unconscious-decision making process.” According to Robert Cialdini, PhD, “once someone has given you authority to enter their life through email, they have made a certain commitment to consistency… (they) trust you, (they) believe you are an authority, and consistent with that belief, (they) will take certain actions…over and over to verify (their) own beliefs.”

So make a connection or sense of belonging that goes further than a purchase.  Provide valuable industry insight and establish credibility and trust.  Don’t focus on the sell and product offerings every time. Your subscribers will develop trust and recommend your services by word of mouth and electronic word of mouth (eWOM). “Good for us” data tends to yield the best results.

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